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*The workshop schedule is subject to change


Seattle Yiddish Fest workshops are an immersive experience. All classes are meant to work as one program that gives the participants a clear picture of Yiddish musical culture. That is why it's highly recommended to attend the whole event. However, it's also possible to drop in for a day or even part of a day and gain valuable insights and experience. 

Our goal with these workshops is to both give a clear overview of Eastern European Jewish musical practices as well as work on the nuance of ornamentation and style, broadening of vocal and instrumental repertoire and gesture and repertoire of Yiddish dance. 

As the number of participants is limited, the faculty will be able to have a personal relationship with the participants adjusting the program to the needs of the group. So, if in the process we discover that there is a need for an extra class on a particular topic, we will adjust the schedule to accommodate it. 

Workshop schedule is coming soon!


March 9 - 10


We are still finalizing the workshop schedule and venues, but be ready for a detailed plan for three separate vocal, instrumental and (new this year!) arts and culture programming. Also, we have wonderful venues planned. 


Workshops will take place on Saturday and Sunday during the day followed by evening events.

Lecture series

March 10

New this year!

This Yeat Seattle Yiddish Fest is adding a special program of talks by various artists, historians and Yiddish culture specialists bringing a number of curious topics to light. Spend the day immersed in Yiddish culture next door to music and dance workshops and finish the day by going to the final concert nearby!

Evening events

Thursday, March 7
Art show and live music


Opening of Benny Ferdman and local artists' art show with live music. More details coming very soon!

Saturday, March 8
Seattle Klezmer showcase


A celebration of Seattle's own artists involved in Yiddish music. Starting from the early years of Klezmer Revival Seattle has been an important place on the Yiddish aristic map of North America. Now again it shines with a wide variety of acts raging from traditional klezmer to the most modern interpretations of the genre.


Friday, March 8
A Yiddish Shabes potluck


As every year, we are hosting a shabes potluck with music and some learning about Yiddish culture with festival artists!

Sunday, March 9
Seattle Yiddish Fest faculty concert

Royal Room

Final concert of Seattle Yiddish Fest featuring the festival's faculty.

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