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Mar 8,  7 to 10 pm @ LoveCityLove

Shabbes with a
Yiddish Taste

As it became traditional, we will join in a communal shabbes event with singing, learning and togetherness!

Free for anybody, donations encouraged.


As in years past, we’ll kick off the weekend with a heymish gathering on Friday night. We’ll jam and nosh as folks gather, and then sing some songs from our special songbook. Everyone is encouraged to bring food for a potluck dinner (please note beer and wine will be available for donation at the venue), which will give us some time to get to know each other and catch up with those we already know. We will do a few of the traditional blessings and songs for the sabbath, but we strive to create a space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Like the rest of the festival it is NOT a religious event! After dinner there will be more singing and we’ll read and translate a little Yiddish Poetry, have space for open discussions and informal learning, and hopefully if it’s not raining we will also be able to have a campfire to stay warm.


This year we are joined by our special guests New York Times bestselling author Michael Wex and legendary Philadelphia trumpet player Susan Hoffman Watts who will share their wisdoms and stories as the night progresses. We will learn about how Philadelphia became a home for multiple generations of klezmorim and how we are all Born to Kvetch or how to use those Yiddish idioms in our daily lives.

This Shabbes night is happening at our festival hub, LoveCityLove, where we will be surrounded by the art presented the night before.

Venue Parking info

Please don’t park in the lot at love city love, as it’s private and you might get towed. You can try parking in Whole Foods and buy something to get your parking validated or the safest bet would be a nearby public lot - Seattle central has a parking lot that’s $15 a day at 1609 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, United States. There may also be street parking available but please do read the signs well or better yet take public transport or carpool!

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