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This fee is for those who can't afford to pay the full fee. So if you struggle to come up with the full amount, we will do our best to make it possible for you to pay less and still join us!





This is the regular fee that grants you admission to all the events and workshops of Seattle Yiddish Fest. We are looking forward to sharing this weekend with you! 







If you can support building the community of artists by pitching in so that we can afford to grant multiple scholarships to talented musicians who might not be able to afford the full fee, this is for you! Please consider supporting the development of Yiddish arts! 

You can register for either the whole weekend or join us only for one day. We understand that people have different financial abilities and we strive to make this festival accessible to everybody.  That said we don't have any outside funding, so we appreciate all the participants contributing what they can to ensure we can continue bringing top level instructors to Seattle. Here are some options for you.



As different days have very different programming, we offer different prices for different days. Specify which day you're interested in in the registration form. The suggested prices are indicated below. The first price is for the full fee, the second one is reduced. 


Friday: $40/20

Saturday: $80/40

Sunday $80/40


For evening prices see detailed events

Please contact us directly if you have more questions.



We want this to be accessible to all who are interested, so we have a few levels of fees, and if you need more of a scholarship please just register choosing the "Pay as you can" option and mention what you can offer in comments, and we will happily work out a scholarship or volunteering arrangement. No one will be turned away!

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