Shabbes Potluck Dinner & Singing Circle

February 1, 8:30 pm @LoveCityLove, 1406 E Pike St

Seattle Yiddish Fest presents an evening of singing Shabbes songs in Yiddish and with Yiddish flavor. A celebration for all to eat, sing and learn.


Free for participants of Seattle Yiddish Fest, donations encouraged for non-participants.

Shabbes  (Shabbat, the Sabbath) is a special time to gather and celebrate Jewish culture together. At this event, we will learn some less common Yiddish Shabbes songs, sing a few of the more well-known ones, play music, shmooze, and eat together. This will also be a great chance to get to know other participants and members of the community.


The evening will feature Seattle Yiddish Fests artists Sasha Lurje, Ilya Shneyveys, Craig Judelman and Mark Rubin. One of the special features of a night filled with music will be a talk on the history of Yiddish culture, its beginning, rise, collapse, and revitalization.


If you are planning to join us, please remember it's a potluck dinner, so your contribution is appreciated, whether you cook something or bring take out from a local restaurant. If you are planning to join the workshops beforehand, you can either store your food for the potluck at the venue or there will be a 30-minute break after the workshop to go pick something up. 


Please RSVP by getting in touch here or by email:

The number of places is limited. 


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