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Yiddish Fest Open Jam Session & special set by Forshpil

February 2, 9 pm @LoveCityLove, 1406 E Pike St

A klezmer jam session open to the whole community - a chance to invite the broader community to jam, led by our fabulous faculty band, Lebedik. Plus a very special performance by forshpil, this could lead to mixed dancing!  


Free admission, donations welcome!


After learning tunes and details about the intricacies of Yiddish musical styles for playing, singing and dancing, this is the event opening the stage to all to try the new skills out! 


Also, the world's leading Yiddish Psychedelic Rock band Forshpil will perform a special set of dark Yiddish love ballads with a distorted guitar.

When Sasha Lurje and Ilya Shneyveys perform with their Yiddish psychedelic rock band Forshpil you're up for a powerful sonic explosion far from the theatric nostalgia one could associate with Yiddish song. But when they perform as a duo, old Yiddish love ballads come alive in an intimate and touching setting (yet no less cutting edge then the rock band).

The songs, though a 100 (and more) years old, deal with the same problems as today - love, hate, heartbreak, sacrifice, long-distance relationships and mention things like (in no particular order) adultery, wedding, deadly curses, bachelor parties, beer, army draft, rivers, diamonds, gold, silver, musicians, shoes, doves, devil, angels and fish to name a few.

The deep and sometimes tragic lyrics of these songs are echoed by the intensity and drama of the performance. The traditional style of singing blends perfectly with the accompaniment of modern instruments, harmonies, rhythms and effects creating impressive soundscapes that engage international audiences young and old, Yiddish-speaking and not.

Sasha Lurje - voice, ukulele
Ilya Shneyveys - guitar, effects, stuff

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